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Hidehiko Tanaka (President/Professor)

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He received the MS and PhD degrees in electrical Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1967 and 1970, respectively. He involved in the research and education of computer architecture, parallel processing, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, distributed processing, and media processing as a professor at the University of Tokyo. He moved to the Institute of Information Security as the dean in 2004, after serving the dean of graduate school of Information Science and Engineering, at the University of Tokyo. He is now the president of the Institute since 2012. He was given the Accomplishment Award from Japanese Information Processing Society, the Paper Award from Japan Society of Artificial Intelligence, the ACM SIGGRAPH’99 Impact Paper Award, the Testimonial of Science and Technology from Tokyo Metropolis, and the Commendation from Minister of Economy and Trade and Industry. He is an honorary member of Information Processing Society of Japan, IEEE Life Fellow, and Emeritus Professor of the University of Tokyo.

Research Themes

Organization methodology of information systems which are the key elements of information society where we can live and work with relief depending on many information systems: secure system organization, high reliable system organization, and dependable system organization of long term. That is, research of system architecture which is the design technology of computer systems by combining many elemental technologies: basic software such as secure operating systems and secure programming, secure Web service organization, intrusion detection, secure network system, and malware analysis.

Lectures in charge

  • Information Systems Organization
  • Information Device Technologies
  • Research Guidance
  • Special Course of Information Security

Research Achievement

  • Handy Scissors: An automated tool that extracts an executable file embedded in a malicious document file, IPSJ Journal, Vol.54, No.3, pp.1211-1219, 2013.
  • Mandatory Access Control Method Based on Application Execution State, IPSJ Journal, Vol.53, No.9, pp.2130-2147, 2012.
  • Implementation of an Application Based VPN that Conceals Traffic Patterns, IPSJ Journal, September 2011.
  • Proposal of Spiral Review Method Using Security Requirement Analysis SARM based on Actor Relation Matrix, IPSJ Journal, September 2011.
  • Efficient Detection System of Virtual Machine Monitor without Feature Database, IPSJ Journal, September 2011.
  • Policy Description Language based on Logic Programming, IPSJ Journal, September 2011.
  • Proposal of Information Flow Control Model for Secret Information Sharing, IPSJ Journal, Feb. 2010.
  • Proposal of Efficient Requirement Analysis Method, IPSJ Journal, Oct. 2009.
  • Dynamic Behavior Analysis System of Malware through Fixed Point Observation of Botnet, IPSJ Journal, April 2010.
  • Parallel Inference Engine PIE, Published from Ohmsha Ltd., August 2000.
  • Bang-Bang Granularity Control: Optimum Granularity Control for Highly Parallel General Processing, Transaction of Information Processing Society of Japan, Vol.37, No.7, 1996.
  • Non-Neumann Computer, Published from Japan Society of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, Nov.1989.

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Hidehiko Tanaka
Hidehiko Tanaka


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