About Me

I come from Vietnam. My hometown is Danang city, a beautiful harbour located in the middle of Vietnam

I am a PhD Student in the Matsui Lab, the IISEC, Yokohama, Japan. Matsui Lab is a dynamic environment with many dedicated people. In this lab, I can learn, research in many fields relative to embedded systems, hacking tools and ML/AI respectively. My passion is secure of ML/AI systems, how to propose a the state-of-the-art ML/AI algorithm for securing itself is very mystery for me. If you are interested in this areas, ping me at thangddnt@gmail.com.









  • 2017

    Teaching Assistant

    The University of Danang, Vietnam

  • 2017

    Co-founder and Project Manager

    Connective Lab, Vietnam

    I co-founded an outsourcing team for serving customers from Singapore, America

  • 2011

    Network administrator

    Viettel Coporation, Vietnam

  • 2009

    FPT Software

    Team Leader in the internship


  • Present

    The Institute of Information Security

    Doctor Student

  • 2015

    National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

    Master Degree of Computer Science

    A Spatial-pyramid Scene Categorization Algorithm based on Locality-aware Sparse Coding

  • 2009

    The University of Danang

    Bachelor Degree of Information Technology

    Webgit for Danang city


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  • Contact

    2-14-1 Tsuruya-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-city
    Kanagawa 221-0835, JAPAN



    +skype: thangdd.nt

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