Koichiro HAYASHI, Ph.D., LL.D.

President and Professor, Institute of Information Security
Affiliated Researcher, Columbia Institute for Tele-Information(CITI), Columbia Business School, USA

E-mail :mailto:hayashi@iisec.ac.jp
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Date of Birth
March 10, 1941
Education & Degree
1963 Bachelor of Law, University of Tokyo
1991 Doctor of Economics, Kyoto University
2004 Doctor of Juridical Science, Keio University



Work Experience
1963 Joined NTT
1969 - 73 Data Communications Bureau
1973 - 77 Manager, Budget Section
1977 - 82 General Manager, Regional Telecom Bureaus
1982 - 85 Senior Manager, Planning Bureau(before
privatization) & Corporate Strategy Planning Headquarters
(after privatization)
1985 - 87 Senior Manager, Digital Data Network Department, Advanced Telecommunications Services Sector
1987 - 90 Executive Manager, International Affairs Department
1990 - 92 Vice President, Executive Manager, Leased Circuit Department
1992 - 95 President & CEO, NTT America Inc.; Director, Nextel Communications, A Delaware Company
1995 - 96 GroupVice President, Multimedia Service Promotion Headquarters
1996 Left NTT
1992 - 97 Fellow, Glocom
1997 Assumed Professorship at Keio University , Senior Research Fellow at Glocom
2004 Vice President and Professor, Institute of Information Security
        Visiting Professor, Keio University (2004-2005)
2009 President and Professor, Institute of Information Security
2012 Professor, Institute of Information Security
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